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Sorry if this seems a strange question but could someone please explain the relationship between output voltage on processor pre-out channels and input voltages on power amps and active speakers ? Is close matching on these essential? and what differences might one expect if they do not match?


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Hope your not in a hurry...:D


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As a general rule, the higher the output voltage on a processor the less work the power amp has to do in order to amplify the signal. Im not a tech head but as far as Im aware the most important thing is that if you use more than one power amp in order to drive a single speaker (biamping) its important that the power amps are "gain" matched. That is to say, they both amplify the input signal to the same degree otherwise you can end up with a situation where your HF output is out of balance with your LF output due to the fact that they are recieving a different level of input signal. Input sensitivity on power amps does vary as does output voltage on processors but most modern kit is compatible without any major problems. I think my Tag AV32RDP outputs around 4v at line level. Hope this helps a little:) Im sure somebody far more knowledgable than me will be along:smashin:


I think I have had three processors and four poweramps in the time since I originally posted this!

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