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Im thinking of merging my music & ht systems into one, my question is, is there a processor that can replace my icon audio £695 valve pre & £2000 chord dac64, my source is a sonos system its all i listen to. But i would like an all in one system, ive been looking at the meridian 568.2mm, 861, lexicon, tag and proceed. I dont mind a legcy processor as long as there is a 5.1 bypass, my speakers are the kef xq range, 2 modded yamaha ns1000m's, svs pb12+2, 2 x icon audio mb90 monoblocks.

Any Thoughts.


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The TAG does have bypass,but it may be seen as getting a little long in the tooth by some,although support is still available,and the audio quality can be superb.

Proceed would be rather more of a gamble,as this is now completely defunct,and not supported as well as the TAG would be.

Both Lexicon and Meridian would also be good choices,although Meridian should have the edge on straight 2 channel sources.


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What about 5.1 bypass for the meridian, as far as i know the 568.2mm has 2 analog in and 4 x digital in, not sure about the 861 though.


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What about 5.1 bypass for the meridian, as far as i know the 568.2mm has 2 analog in and 4 x digital in, not sure about the 861 though.
The Meridian 568.2mm has no 5.1 input in the analogue domain. However there are a few options for getting LPCM into it - for information on the official Meridian option and other unofficial options best place is to try the Meridian Unplugged forum (not sure if I'm allowed to post links to other forums but a search on google for Meridian Unplugged should find it). Strictly speaking the Meridian 568.2mm (nor any other Meridian process) doesn't have an bypass functionality as all inputs are first converted to digital, before processing and then passing to DAC or Digital Speakers.

The 861 is a complicated matter as it depends on the age of the unit (there have been 4 versions) and the configuration of the cards within the unit. Again the Meridian Unplugged forum should provide more information. Especially check out their Wiki section - it's basically a very comprehensive FAQ.

Hope this helps you on the Meridian options


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Why not get a pre-amp with a bypass feature?
Run the Chord dac into the new pre-amp and the FR+LR pre-outs on the processor into the pre-amp.
If you don't know what a bypass button is? turns off the volume control on the pre-amp, so that the volume is controlled by your processor, when you're listening to music, switch it off, so the R+L channels from your dac are controlled by your pre-amp.

I haven't a clue what pre-amps have this feature though, I know Audiolab and Arcam have on their integrateds, I used to to do this with a Audiolab 8000S and it worked really well, although I've gone onto bigger and better things now :devil:

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