Probs Yam DSP-AX640SE Denon DVD 2200




Im trying to play DVD's from Denon to Yamaha to LCD telly via component leads and Coax digital for sound. Ive set the input on Yam to DVD and I only get a picture but no sound - if input switchd to D-TV/CBL Auto I get surround sound but no picture - the Denon is set to progressive. Is there anything I can tru or double check on as its driving me bonkers and my girlfriend is naturally losing patience !!!!

Please Help :rolleyes:


Are the inputs assignable ? Sounds like you need to assign the coax input to DVD , it would seem to be currently asigned to DTV .Rtfm ;) :D



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On that amp - if you've got your DVD sound output linked coaxially to the amp - then in order to hear this sound - you will need to select 'CD' on your amp's input choices. On your remote - choose 'CD'. (The only way for your amp's 'DVD' button to work for your purposes, is to link optically (TOS-link) from DVD-player to amp.)

As for picture - your Denon must have true component-output (if it has progressive scan output) - in which case don't mess about with involving your amp in the picture-equation - just connect DVD to LCD directly - that's AFAIK the whole point behind component connectivity - to make most-direct the link between source and screen. To involve your amp in this just defeats the purpose of component connectivity.

Good luck!! I know what it's like when you've got all this 'gear' - and the Mrs is wondering why on Earth you couldn't have just had a box with an 'On' button on it, like other people - & which at least works!! You've got a cool set-up - it shouldn't be embarrassing you!

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