Prob's with Xbox, progressive scan and AE-100


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Just bought the panasonic and i have to say it's FANTASTIC but i've found one flaw, i've spent the afternoon searching forums etc trying to find anyone with a similiar problem but to no avail!

The problem is I connect the xbox to the Panasonic using Gamester Component Cables, it's a PAL xbox but it's set to ntsc using the VideoMode switch disc so it's outputting NTSC.

I get progressive output to the panasonic but the image is ghosting, it's not too bad on 525p but on 750p (tonyhawk 4) and HDTV60 (Dragons Lair 3D) it's really noticable

So it's either the projector (which I have no real way of testing because I don't have anything else that outputs progressive scan)

or it's the Gamester Cable which I suspect it might be. but I cant find anywhere that sells the Microsoft hi-def kit or the Monster Component leads in the Uk.

or it's the fact it's a UK xbox at heart even though it's outputting NTSC.

So if anyone has any ideas let me know!


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Do you have sharpness or contrast too high. I'm using the Gamester box also with no issues. Make sure the switch is set to component and not S-Video.



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Thanks for the reply (and in the other post)
I've got sharpness and contrast as 0.

In the manual it says the projector supports

525I 720 x 480i 15.734 59.940 13.500 A YPBPR
625I 720 x 576i 15.625 50.000 13.500 A YPBPR
525p 720 x 483 31.469 59.940 27.000 A YPBPR
HDTV60(1080i/60) 1 920 x 1 080i 33.750 60.000 74.250 A YPBPR/PC
HDTV50(1080i/50) 1 920 x 1 080i 28.125 50.000 74.250 A YPBPR/PC
750P(720p) 1 280 x 720 45.000 60.000 74.250 A YPBPR

If that's not compatible with the Xbox progressive outputs that's great as it explains why there's ghosting, but I reckon it should be able to handle the higher resolutions ok. I'm new to all this prog scan stuff so I could have the wrong end of the stick! do you use the panasonic projector?


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Yes but the resolution of the projector is:

Pixel Resolution 858 x 484 WVGA (approx. 1,240,000 pixels)

Which means that it has 484 lines, as I understand the HDTV modes 720p needs 720 lines, which your projector doesn't have, so it scales the picture to fit in the resolution it has. Yes it'll listen to the 720p signal but its mostly pointless because your projector is going to screw with it. My plasna is roughly the same resolution and it "supports" 720p but it scales it which makes it look less good. To be honest, your best bet is 480p anyway, the higher resolutions use more processing power and I heard that THPS4 has framerate issues with 720p later in the game.



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Originally posted by jumpt_upmunky
I see! The progressive scan mist is starting to clear!

I get very slight ghosting on 480p is that to be expected due to the scaling issues?
Does your project have sharpness setting that you can adjust?
Try reducing it. If that doesn't help, then get the cable replaced just to be safe.



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that's exactly what i'm thinking, anyway I've got a official hi-def pack on order from lik-sang. So I'll report my findings.

I tried two different Gamester component cables and both have the same ghosting effect.

Plus I've got my brother bringing his xbox round tonight to test.................I'll get to the bottom of this if it kills me.


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ok just to let all you dudes know.
The ghosting problem i was experiencing was caused by the Gamester Component Video Pack (as found at Game and HMV, I tried 2)

My official MS Hi-def pack arrived today from as I scurried home from work I was preparing myself for the worst, that the ghosting would still be there!

So I plugged in the cable and enabled all the Progressive scan options on the dashboard, fired up the Panasonic Ptae-100 , and gave it the ultimate test of "Dragons Lair 3D (1080i)" .............................................
WOW what can i say chrystal clear graphics and NO I repeat NO ghosting!

however immensely crap game, so I fired up Tony Hawks 4 for some hot 720p action. Fantastic.

So basically the gamester cable is fine for interlaced component but not for progressive component, at least on my setup.

right i'm off to progressive enable my dashboard....:D


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Hmm strange- I used the gamester cable with my xbox on progressive and its fine. Maybe you had a faulty one.

Glad you sorted it out though.


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