Probs with viewty-advice needed


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Hi all,

I bought a Viewty off ebay earlier and collected locally.

The chap has stated that it was unlocked (from Orange) (orange branding on it) and was working with all Sims including Three.( and fair play I contacted him about this and hes refunded me a few bob .)

Tried Daughters working Orange Sim and it works fine.. how ever

I had since tried Non Active(new) Virgin & T Mobile and the Sims register but Im not throwing funds at new sims to test.

But Nothing with 02, both PAYGO and Contract are flagging up as Inactive USIM.

Is this a bad unlock? and will firmware need updating, Is it worth me getting unlocked again at my local unlockers at £20 cost?

Any Ideas please,? I need it unlocked on 02 Monday for work .:lease::lease:




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have you taken it out and put it back in. now and again it happens if the card int clean.


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yep loads of times just seems to be 02- everything else seems fine- Ive found some software to unlock the Phone and may give it a try



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i unlocked my daughters veiwty that was on orange and I also flashed it to the generic lg firmware and it works wonderfully..but be aware, lg plugged a gap in thier newer phones that causes corrupted emei and bluetooth address when make sure that you make a good backup copy of your .nv2 file using the lgapp euro program before doing anything because you need to restore your emei and bt address once unlocking is complete.


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Thanks Paul Ive done all that- Over and Over- ( except flash firmware) wouldnt know how or where to get it and Ive only got USB cable

Keep resetting the BT and IMEI to what it says on battery

Back up fine- unlock fine- yet still not working on 02 :mad:

Im goin nuts here


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Scrap that - Im sorted-

I was just going start over from scratch again and put in my 02 sim and voila!

i must have managed it earlier



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Cheers Paul, I'd already been on the above forum :D

Sorted now..:thumbsup:

Gonna go for the V10e I think lol

Hopefully fingers Crossed

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