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    I boguht a Sony 735 in Oct/Nov and it has been working fine (apart from long dual layer changes due to single lens) but last night finished watching Wonder Boys and went to put in another film and the palyer came up with an error message saying that the disc was dirty. I took out the disc and cleaned it but still not joy. I tried a region 1, region 2 and cd and the player wouldn't play any saying "no disc" so in line with the instructions I left the machine turned on for 30 mins but no change. I used a lens cleaner but no joy!

    This morning I bought new dvd lens cleaner but the player wouldn't read the disc so obviously the cleaner couldn't clean the lens.

    Can anyone help me all the player does is mae a whirring noise like its trying to read the disc before coming up with a "no disc" message. Is there anything I can do apart from sending it back to manufacturer under warantee or has anyone else experienced similar probs? Is this likely to be a motor problem?

    Any help much appreciated!


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