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I've had Sky+ since the middle of December, and up until a few weeks ago had no problems, since then though I have.

A few weeks ago Friends on E4 didn't stop recording (problem with E4 EPG info probably) so I had to stop it manually. I was then away for a few days and when I got back found that the programs recorded since the Friends problem were not playing back correctly, they either wouldn't start playing, or would jump like mad (one frame would be on screen for about 1 sec), however programs recorded before the friends problem still played correctly, though the fast forwarding wasn't as smooth (it jumped a lot). I watched the programs that were ok, and then did Housekeeping to reset the disk. All then seemed to work OK.

A few days ago I turned the box on to see that it was on C998, so I assume my box had been upgraded with the latest update. Since this the fan has been coming on a lot more.

Yesterday my girlfriend taped the Budget program that was on BBC2 (about 220 mins long), she watched it yesterday evening and spent most of the time fast forwarding through it, watching a minute here and there, then at about 190 mins into the program the Sky+ box suddenly switched itself into standby. After about 15 secs I was able to turn the box back on using the power button on the front of the box. We tried watching the budget recording again from 190 mins, but it didn't play correctly, the sound and picture was jumping again. The girlfriend decided that she didn't want to see the rest of it anyway so it got deleted.

At the same time the box went into standby we were recording another program, when this had finished it said part rec, and when we went to play it, it had only recorded 2 mins from when the box had come out of standby (though there was about 15 mins of the program still to go). We watched another program that was already recorded, and though it played correctly, there did seem to be more jumping when fast forwarding then normal. Later in the evening another program was recorded, but I haven't had a chance yet to see if that recorded ok or not. I hope it hasn't got the playback problem, as this time I have got about 12 hours of program to watch so I can't easily do a housekeeping.



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My first Sky+ box did this almost from new, so I called Sky and they replaced it.
I reckon it had something to do with the hard disk overheating, as it was ridiculously hot. I now have my box lifted up on two 15mmsq blocks to let the air through the bottom vents. Its been fine for a few months now.

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