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Hi, i have recently upgraded to an XDA Mini S and i am having a few problems.

I have installed the software in "Basic" mode to get rid of the O2 Active rubbish, but if i leave my phone for 10 mins and then open Task Manager, ActiveSync will always be running. Also, after about 10-20 mins i can no longer get the phone app. to work so i have to soft reset, and keep the phone app. running in the background. Can anyone please explain these problems as i am losing patience and might just swap it for another phone.

Also, does anyone know how to get a custom text message alert as i dont like O2's poor efforts and cant figure out how to do it.

Sorry for the long post, the XDA is really winding me up at the min.

Thanks in advance, Gary


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1) hard reset phone, when phone says "custamisation in 3 seconds...." do a soft reset.

2) go on and get a cab file that will show the extended rom as another drive, delete all the drivel and u have another spare drive on there

3) to change ringtone/msg alert, go to start/settings/notifications, use drop down list for thing u wanna change and there ya go.



hi, wel i am having the exact same problems, i used the link u provided and did everything it said about ActivSync bt i didn know wat 2 do with the registry key. excuse me as i am a newbie, theres a few things i am lookin 2 resolve, (1) avticsync is always runing and i want 2 get rid of it (how do u do the hard reset and the soft reset exactly and does that permanently solve the problem?) (2) the phone application wont run very often and i have to switch the phone on and off, wat exactly do i have to do to resolve this? and (3) are there any games i can get for the mini s? sry and one more thing, i bought a 2GB mini SD card 4 the mini s, will this work alrite. thanks :)

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