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I am using Windows Media Player built in to vista to try and run videos.

I am outputting the display from my PC to my Plasma TV, which unfortunately uses a resolution of 1024x768, not a genuine 16:9 resolution.

If I use VLC player I can not only fill the full screen, but I can adjust the aspect ratio of the videos, so the aspect comes out fine.

Today I decided to download a WMV-HD file from Microsoft's site. I am starting to wish I hadnt now :rotfl:

When I display it on my plasma TV the aspect ratio is wrong (because obviously WMP expects it to be a 4:3 screen). The display appears squashed.

You are supposed to be able to change this by changing the pixel aspect ratio within the tools > options > devices > display properties and change the value to 1.330. I do this however the picture does not change at all no matter what setting I use, it still comes out squashed.

I cannot play these files on VLC player as they are protected (DRM).

Not only that, but I then attempted to play an X-vid file (resolution 608x352) on Windows Media Player on full screen, and it will not fill the screen.

I am not so bothered about these files because I can use VLC player to view the file (as well as change the aspect ratio).

So what is the solution, assuming there is one?

Or am I correct in my assumption that WMP is in fact, a big pile of steaming excrement?

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