problems with wii and interent


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I bought my wii a few months ago and connected it to the internet wirelessly without problems, downloaded a few vc games etc...but all of a sudden i can no longer connect to the internet...i keep getting the error code 52030. I havent changed any settings or anything???

my ps3 and laptop that i am currently writing connect faultlessly?

any help would be brilliant.



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Hi mate,

Prob a silly suggestion but have you tried to update to latest firmware? I assume it doesnt even connect when you do that right?

The other thing you can try and do is go into the internet settings delete them and start again.

If it still wont pick it up then, maybe a bit extreme, but can you back everything up onto sd card and format the system?

This will obiously reset everything and it may work...

Will post again if i think of anything else




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i have latest firmware because i updated wheni got it at xmas, and anyway it cant update without the internet connection.....

i have deleted the connection and started again, same problem.

makes no sense, it was working fine and then all of a sudden internet is a no go.:facepalm:


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I have same problem, cannot connect wirelessly with wii, hopeless. I went the wired route with homeplug in the end and works a treat :thumbsup:

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