Problems with UMD disc cover on PSP


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Has anyone had any problems with the UMD cover on their PSP?

I have had my PSP for 1 week and only noticed last night that the disc cover doesnt quite close properly after inserting a UMD. When the cover is closed, the right hand side of the cover (above the OPEN button) sits up about 1mm.

It closes perfectly when it is empty, and although UMDs play perfectly when they're in, I'm now paranoid that its going to open in the middle of a game.

I'm really annoyed about this as I havent noticed any problems with pixels and if I have to return this & swap it for a new one I am worried I will get one with dead/stuck pixels.

Also if I decide to return it, would I go direct to Sony? I bought my PSP from Play and they're out of stock so I wouldnt be able to get a swap from them.

Any help would be appreciated, has anyone had similar problems?



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Same problem with mine. Doesn't have any impact on the game, and doesn't really bother me so I leave it go.


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If you use a Logitech Playgear Pocket there is no way it'll open even if your catch gives out (and it offers brilliant protection too)


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Is yours as bad as this?

Mine was making some funny noises when I was trying to load up Wipeout, looks like I'll have to get on to $ony.......

(sorry the pic quality is not great)


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It's actually similar enough, except mine is on the other side, and yours is slightly higher.


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Had a hard time with the PSP last night, couldnt get games to load unless I held in the lid where it should have been (to close up the gap you could drive a bus through - see pic)

The whirring noise of the disc loading was louder than normal as well, so I have phoned $ony who are sending me out a replacement on Monday. Just hope it doesn't have TOO many dodgy pixels..............


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