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Problems with Sony FQ80

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by dannywu, Jan 19, 2004.

  1. dannywu


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    hi Guys,

    I have had my FQ80 for over 1 year now (after the FQ75 saga), and I have noticed 3 problems in the last week or so and not sure if you have experienced the same!?

    1. The set flick on and off (very quickly less than 1 second), whilst watching TV or DVD, or Cable. It is not switching itself on and off but rather than same effect.

    2. "Wave" across the top of the screen (only visible when you are watching a scene of complete darkness). This is not like the uniform "band" as it was with the FQ75, but more like a "stretched" "S" on the top of the screen, going from left to right.

    3. A very thin horizontal "interference" line across the screen but I am thinking it is something to with my DECT phone.

    I have other equipment (wireless LAN and Digisender) not far from the set but it only started "flicking" only happened in the last week or so.

    Any ideas or clues?

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