Problems with Sony DAV S888


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Hi all,
I have the Sony DAV S 888, home cinema system and have recently been getting very cheesed off with it.
Since i bought it , it has occassionaly refused to play a disc.
If you keep trying,, it might eventually play it, or it might not.
There is no pattern to this problem, only that over the last few months, its getting much worse.
Its getting to the point now, where it only plays 1 out of maybe 5 dvds.
I am talking about brand new discs, that play perfectly well on my pc,, but dont stand a chance in the s 888.
Now, since i bought it, i havent really played that many DVDs on it. Its mainly used as a sound system, but occassionaly for playing dvds, so its not worn out in the slightest,, its in as new condition inside and out, barely used.

I recently read an article/ reveiw of this unit, and discovered that this particular model has always had this problem, and it was in inherent design flaw with one of the boards inside ???
I dont know how true this is,, but its certainly left me with a dropped jaw !
How can sony let a product out, with a well reported flaw, and not do a recall or replement part/unit ???

If anybody is in the know about this particular unit,, or indeed the problems it has, i would very much like to hear from them.

Am really disaponted to be honest,, to say that we dont watch dvds that ofton, but when we want to,, its a bloody lottery as to if a disc will play or not.
Bizzare :mad:
Cheers,, kev.

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