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Your thoughts please,

Recently moved a Sky Box to a 'Node Zero Room'. To do so It was required to extend all of the aerial cables in the house, both the inputs and outputs for SKY and normal terrestrial (Before suggestions of running new cables this is a mamoth task as it would require re-decorating every room etc...). All of the connections I have used are 'F' Type, and the still using the original booster which is a SKYlink with 'F' type connectors, powered from the output of the RF2 from the SKY box.

After completeing the install, although using the original equipment and only extending the cables, I am getting a poor signal from both the normal TV and SKY (Obviously going through the sky box). I have checked all connections and they seem good, I have even tried a direct feed from the TV aerial to each of the TV's using a different booster and I get a 100% signal if I use the 'full' output (which is supposed to be used to connect to another booster if required etc....) again if I take the RF2 feed from the sky box and do the same thing I get 100% signal.

So my conclusion is now I have extended the cables the old Skylink booster is not keeping up with the additional resistance.

Before I go out and buy a new booster I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this and if the booster was the problem.
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I would suggest your original "booster" is not receiving any DC power. Does it have a light on on it to show it is receiving power?

Re-check your RF2 connections for DC continuity.
Also perform a Power Off/Power On on the Sky box and check RF2 power is on.

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