Problems with setting up Epos for my 2.1 system


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Hi everyone
That's my first post in this section of av forums. Let's start from the beginning. After some period of experiments I ended up with Sneaky Ds and Leema Xero monitors. I've got also power amp Nap 150x in the box but that's different story. As my system was lacking "body" and "meat" I decided to acquire sub to bring desirable improvement. I need this sub purely for music ( all sort of electronic tunes) hence I choose Epos Els, second hand obviously. I bought one off ebay but came damaged :( one of corners was smashed completely. I also discovered that one of knobs (low filter) doesn't do anything so I bought another one which has exactly the same problem heheh plus after a couple of days of using remained in silence for good. I pressed power switched; saw a little flash and that was it. Diode is still shining in red but it doesn't turn green. But before that happen… I could say that the sound gained some weight but lost precision, especially in low departments. Everything seems to be soaked in base and base itself lost it diversity. Alright that was a brief story now question time.
1. Is my room big enough to use successfully sub? Size 8-9m2 rectangle shape.
2. Why low filter knob doesn’t do anything?
3. Do I really need SPL meter to find a right spot?
4. What happen to my second sub? Did I blow fuse? Is it difficult to change it? Is it likely to happen again?
5. How to set up knobs if you use normal hi fi amp and two monitors?
6. How to connect sub to the power amp (earlier mentioned nap 150x) which doesn't have sub inputs or even extra speaker ports.
Can somebody help because I am getting really frustrated? Thanks a lot in advance

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