problems with scaffolding & signal to sky dish


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hi, hope you can help.

We are due to have scaffolders come in the morning to put up scaffolding on our building as we are getting all new windows installed.

I have recently been told by my partner that the last time scaffolding went up for them to paint, they blocked the signal of the sky dish and they could not get sky for 3 weeks. this was several years ago. If this happens tomorrow and they block the signal again is there anything i can do temporarily to make the signal better? I am assuming the signal last time could not get through the wooden boards. Also is there anyone I can contact because im sure they are not allowed to do this? They are putting up the scaffolding on the 18th jan but not fitting the windows until the 2nd feb.

Any help much appreciated.


Chris Muriel

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The metal poles would reflect the signal and so lose youa lot of dish gain.
The wooden planks would attenuate the signal but some should pass through - more passing through when they are dry.
Best solution would be a temporary resiting of the dish.
Does the scaffolding have to be placed in the path between your dish and the satellite ?


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hi, the scaffolding has to be put above the dish in order for them to get to the upstairs windows and also I would physically turn the dish if I needed to to get a signal but am worried that It will go out of alighnment and I will have to call sky out to sort it.


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If you ask the scaffolders they should hopefully be able to erect the 'lift'(platform) so it does not interfere with the line of sight of the signal.
I am a scaffolder & where possible I always try to keep the dish free from obstructions.
If the platform has to go above your dish so the window fitters platform is below the next floors windows,that shouldnt block your signal.Its only if they put something directly in front of the LNB (so it blocks the signals path from sat to the dish) that it will affect the signal. I've erected platforms just below dishes & as long as the 'toeboard' isnt in the way the signal should be fine.The signal will still get there even under a guard rail or two.You might have a problem if they are going to sheet the outside of the scaffolding,then you probably will have to move the dish,unless they cut a hole out for you,which I dont think they would.

I'm sure they will help you out as best they can,a cuppa & biscuit or cake go a long way on a winters day..


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Failing that, a temporary dish fixed on a pole or tripod can work, provided it can "see" the satellite.

And, failing that, a letter to Sky explaining the problem can get you a credit on your account for the period affected.


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When i had new windows installed and they needed to put scaffolding over our dish i just asked the window installers what day they were planning to have to use the scaffolding for that windows. I then just moved the planks of wood that were in the way of the dish and it wokred fine.

Then when the installers needed the scaffolding i just moved them back the morning before.

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