Problems with Samsung LE32R74BDX


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I bought a Samsung LE32R74BDX which worked fine for about a month, but lately some of the channels are totally scrambled. It's only some of the channels (all ITVs, C4, C5, E4) while others are totally fine (all BBC's for example). The signal strength on the 'bad' channels is around 20 and the bit rate error is 4 or higher. I thought it might be the arieal but I don;t think it is. parallel to my TV I have connected a freeviewbox in series with a DVD/HD recoder which is then connected to my TV. If I watch the "bad" channels though that connection they all work fine. Any idea what could be wrong?

Another problem I have is that if I move through the channels quickly, especially through the guide, the system seems to freeze and none of the buttons work anymore, and the only thing I can do is switch the TV off. Seems like a software problem. Any ideas?

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