Problems with remote and power saving


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I use a IR remote and USB receiver that I got bundled with my DVB TV card to control my HTPC. Unfortunately, when the USB receiver is plugged in, it prevents it prevents the PC from entering standby mode when idle. I leave my PC switched on all the time as I use it as a PVR so this is a nuisance.

I was thinking of buying an MCE receiver + remote off Ebay. I should add I don't actually use MCE. I have a few questions:
(a) Does anyone have any experience of using this remote with standby mode? Does it work okay?
(b) My current receiver emulates a keyboard, so I can just configure my apps to respond to the keystrokes it generates. I understand that the MCE remote doesn't do this so can I control my apps with it?
(c) I have a pronto, so all I really need is a new receiver and some IR codes for it - anyone know where I can get a suitable receiver?


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