Problems with Recording The Bill on ITV1 (Wednesday 21st 20:00hrs)

James Payne

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Good evening to you all.

Had The Bill set up to record on ITV1(Anglia) this evening. Sat here watching the Spurs game & realised that Red record light was not on. Accessed planner , to see The Bill sat there doing nothing.

Have checked signal strength etc , & all appears to be fine.

Anyone else had any problem with this , or indeed any other programme set to record on ITV1 or any channel this evening.

Have taken opportunity to do Planner Rebuild & reboot before next recording which is due to start at 21:00hrs.

This is first recording problem I've had for a good 6 months.

Original 2yr+ Thomson box.

Regards James


I'm watching recording of tonights Bill as i type. Its recorded fine from ITV1 Scottish.

Good Luck.


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I had exactly the same problem recording Channel 4 at 9.00pm last night (the Little Chef prog). My planner was set up to record it but it did not. Luckily I managed to watch it on Channel 4+1. However after checking the planner it suddenly said "Failed, no signal". It did however record Battlestar Galactica which I had also programmed at the same time!

Les E

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That's what you get for watching the Bill! LOL:D


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Had same sort of problem at 8pm last night. My old Thomson box blew up and it was replaced by a reconditioned one yesterday. First recording I tried was some detective thing on the Crime channel at 8pm. Noticed at 8.20 that there was no red record light on. Turned to the Crime channel and live pause, rewind, etc wouldn't work at all. Ended up with Failed - technical fault on the planner :mad:

Wondering whether to demand a new box! :rolleyes:

Jaycee Dove

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We record Hollyoaks on Channel 4 HD five days a week and have done for over a year. But it simply did not record at 6.30 last night. Only noticed near the end that there was no red light and it was sat in the planner well after 6.55 waiting for it to be 6.30 and record!

Tried to record the next programme by pressing record from the now/next banner and this also would not record. But a programme on ITV a few minutes later did.

When that ended I rebooted the box and all was now working fine. No problems since on half a dozen or so recordings.

In nearly three years with this box never seen a programme sat in the planner after it should have started recording before (it changed to fail at 7.00 when it should have ended as reported above).

So maybe there was just some sort of glitch yesterday.


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My wife has The Bill on series link (just in case) and while she was sat watching it last night it showed the red record light.

A couple of times during the show she paused it (for phone calls) and on both occasions, it just froze and wouldn't "unpause". Had to press Sky to resume live viewing.

When it finished, she went off to bed. I noticed at 9:15 it was still recording, and the Now&Next was still showing Corrie from 7:30 as Now, and Next was whatever was on after The Bill. Cancelled it anyway as she'd watched it, job done, Now&Next back to normal.

Then tonight, I had another issue with Challenge +1 where it just ignored a scheduled recording. (I won't shame myself by naming the show, but I can't help it if my 6 year old son finds old Japanese game shows funny.... :smashin:)

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