Question Problems with recording BBC 1 hd on Freesat ?


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Hi an annoying problem when trying to record BBC 1 HD on my old Humax HDR Freesat recorder.

Nothing happens when I just select the red record button whilst in guide...should get the little timer symbol come up.

Have to select record (single or series)..the little timer thing still doesn't have to go into schedule....then scroll down to find the scheduled recording in question....

This always shows starting and ending at 03:14 ...regardless of what time the program starts....

....first noticed it when I tried to record peaky blinders when the new series started.

So I have to edit it and manually enter the start and finish times...then it will record....still doesn't show the timer symbol in the guide to show it's scheduled though ?

Really annoying problem..don't know if anyone else has the same problem or knows if it can be sorted?



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Which version of BBC One HD? (There are 4 national variants). Which country of the UK are you in/set the postcode for?

Do all (or any)other channel reservations for recordings work fine?

Do you leave the Foxsat-HDR in standby overnight? (It's essential you do for freesat updates).

Is the clock date and time correct on the trhs of the EPG pages?

Are you running vanilla Foxsat-HDR firmware or using the Custom Firmware?

Check that signal level and quality is as expected (Menu, system, diagnostics iirc).

I'll probably be suggesting a 'factory reset' - but want to be sure nothing else is obvious first.


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BBC hd 900 and something...BBC 2 hd and bbc 4 hd ...and all other chanels record as normal...just have problems with BBC 1

Running up to date normal firmware..always on standby etc.
Think a factory reset will lose all my recordings?



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A factory reset will delete your recording schedule (photograph your recording schedule). It will not affect your existing recordings.


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Thanks....that's alright then....only got a couple of scheduled recordings...

Missed tonight's have I got news on BBC hd...manually set the time ...but the date was wrong :rolleyes:


BBC One HD on channel 972? It should be on 106.
Or are you receiving another region?


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didn't think BBC hd was regional ?'s the only BBC 1 hd channel I can find in the guide in Freesat mode

The non hd BBC 1 channel is local and on 106 or something



HERE is the freesat channel line up. You will note that BBC1 SD is on ch101 and BBC1HD is on ch106. Neither default to ch972.
See post #2 for BBC 1 HD regional 'discussion'.
If you want help, it would help us help you if you would answer all the questions asked of you (post #2)
Missed tonight's have I got news on BBC hd...manually set the time ...but the date was wrong
Do you mean the date/time you set for the recording or the date/time at the trhs of the EPG?


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thought i did.......

yes to all

like i said all other channels record as they should do just for some reason its bbc 1 HD only....

doesn't matter what time or date i set the recording as mention only shows up in 'scheduled' recordings via the yellow button whilst in guide

and regardless of what date/time program whilst in this list the recording 'always' shows up as the date being 19/01...time is always 03:14~ 3:14....

hence when having to adjust it to the correct time to come on and go off manually for last nights have i got news for you on bbc1 hd it didn't record as i didn't noticed that i'd left the date as 19/01

BBC 1 HD is only available in the guide or anywhere else as channel 972 .....non hd regional BBC 1 is on channel 101 as you'd expect.....and this channel records fine via all the methods ie red button or by pushing 'select' and either recording single program or normal and as all other channels.



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All the BBC HD and SD channels are repeated on the Freesat epg as follows. Customise channels allows any to be allocated to the postcode allocated lower lcn's ignoring the postcode used for setup (106 for whichever nation variant of BBC-HD you want at 106 and 102 for BBC-2-HD variants). The OP should post what post code he used for a freesat retune.

949 BBC Two HD 10773 H
950 BBC 1 London 10773 H
951 BBC 1 CI 10773 H
952 BBC 1 E Mids 10788 V
953 BBC 1 East (E) 10788 V
954 BBC 1 East (W) 10773 H
955 BBC 1 N West 10802 H
956 BBC 1 NE & C 10802 H
957 BBC 1 NI 10817 V
958 BBC 1 Oxford 10817 V
959 BBC 1 S East 10802 H
960 BBC 1 Scotland 10802 H
961 BBC 1 South 10817 V
962 BBC 1 S West 10817 V
963 BBC 1 W Mids 10788 V
964 BBC 1 Wales 10788 V
965 BBC 1 West 10773 H
966 BBC 1 Yorks 10802 H
967 BBC 1 EYrks&L 10788 V
968 BBC 2 England 10773 H
969 BBC 2 NI 10817 V
970 BBC 2 Scotland 10802 H
971 BBC 2 Wales HD 10788 V
972 BBC ONE HD (England) 10847 V
973 BBC 1 Scot HD 11023 H

974 Channel 4 10714 H
975 Channel 4 + 1 10936 V
976 BBC 1 Wales HD 11023 H
978 BBC 1 NI HD 10847 V

979 BBC Two Wales 10788 V


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Now you've told me that I've just done another retune of channels...still used the same post code

BBC 1 HD is now showing up as 106
Just tried setting a recording via the normal methods and it's now showing up as flagged and with the correct date / time ...

Will see if it records ok

Hopefully now sorted !

Cheers for all help


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Glad it seems sorted. :clap:
But let us see what tomorrow brings. The overnight 'housekeeping' update may affect things.

Do Check the diagnostics for signal strength and quality on both tuners (done while tuned to different programmes). The only times my Foxsat-HDRs have behaved oddly has been down to dodgy feeds from the dish lnb (cable issues) that meant one had intermittent signals.


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Yeah feeds/signal have always been ok when I've looked..

Had it boxed away for a bit but brought it out of retirement after ditching sky...which I don't miss ...except for the snappy clear and simple interface and p in p.

Box is sluggish to respond to the remote when it comes to accessing guide ....tried replacing remote batteries..and using my Logitech.
Got loads of old recordings i don't really want to lose so have been put off doing a wipe clean..reset and start again

Currently trying to sell my house so when I move I might go over to a Freeview HD recorder....or get a newer Freesat one...the new operating system and layout along with p in p ...and Netflix /iPlayer etc would be good


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Guide: it's quicker to appear if you press <schedule> then <red> as it reads off the disk - otherwise it's updating via the satellite to get the latest EPG changes.

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