Problems with Radeon Driver


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I have a Sapphire Radeon 9500 (Atlantis) Pro and I have installed the latest drivers from the website,

I cannot get to the settings to enable dVI out or anything else without the display properties window (XP home) hanging and returning a "not responding message. The window hangs when I hit the "advanced" button

Has anyone else had the same issue with this driver?


Ive done another complete reinstall, I can now access the advanced button on the primary and secondary monitor, but I cannot see the ATI tabs on either sets of menus:confused:


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I got a new Sapphire Radeon 9600 for xmas, and a couple of weeks ago I was able to install it into my system.

I formatted the hard drive, and installed XP Pro.

Rather than use the supplied CD I went to ATI's web site and downloaded Catalyst drivers 4.1

Boy what a mistake that was. The next 2 weeks I had the worst computing experience of my life, my system would bomb out for no reason. Pressing the "printscreen" button many times would bomb the system (just found that out by accident)

Had to re-install XP twice


In the end, removed the drivers and put the CD in which came with the card and now the system is 99% stable now....

I VERY VERY nearly chucked the whole thing through the window!


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Thanks Tempest and Kragorn,

It turned out to be a corrupted download.

All sorted now... and a lovely output to the Barco into the deal...

IL2 Sturmovic on an 8 foot screen!!!

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