Problems with PS3 loading games and freezing during gameplay


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I apologize to begin with for the length of this but, please read it and help if you can. I have been going crazy with all of these PS3 issues and they require some explanation. Here we go:

Problems started in Nov last year when I bought the newly released Borderlands 2. Borderlands 2 worked fine for about a week and then the problems began. It started with not fully rendering objects, mainly the objects you open to collect items (safes, lockers, weapon chests and special weapon chests). I could still interact with them. They just wouldn't come into focus. At the same time, the background music and some other sounds stopped playing (enemy banter and taunts could no longer be heard or when a picture of another character in the story popped up at the top of the screen to provide dialogue or instructions on what to do next, you can see them talking but you cannot hear what they say). The sounds that my character would make (grunts when hit, shouts when attacking, sound of gun firing and enemy gun fire, etc.) could still be heard. Also at the same time, the game wouldn't let me travel to any other areas (I could access the travel station and select my destination but, it wouldn't do anything, just kept me in gameplay in the same area). Also, it wouldn't let me exit the game. If I selected save and quit, the game would save but it just went right back to gameplay. I had to hold the PS button down and quit the qame that way. After another day, I started having issues getting the game to load completely or at all and that is mostly the problem I have now with this game. It usally does one of two things now: 1. it will load up the production company's screens and then the load screen with the giant Borderlands symbol will come up saying its loading but it never moves beyond that screen and I have to exit the game with the PS button. 2. it will load up to the game main menu screen but wont load when you select your game. It just keeps rotating your view of the scenary. If I do manage to get it to load an actual game file, it will have the issues I listed above that happen during gameplay.

About a month ago, I bought Resident Evil 6. Not a new release but, it was new to me. It worked fine the first day. Then it started having the same issues as Borderlands. The background music cut out and you couldn't hear any in-game dialogue that happened between the chracters but, you could still hear the gun fire and grunts and things from your character and the noises from the zombies. About a day after that, it started having the same loading issues that I ended up with with Borderlands and it mostly just doesn't load now, just like Borderlands. I can get it to load a game sometimes but, it will have the gameplay issues I listed.

Finally, I bought Dead Island Riptide a few days ago. It worked fine the first day up until I got to the point in the beginning where I completed the objectives on the ship. It wouldn't move the game beyond that point. Wouldn't even show me the action spot to select to move on. So, I exited the game file through the proper menu actions and loaded it up again from the last checkpoint. It loaded and I proceeded to the end of the starting level again. When I completed the objectives, it showed me the action spot to select to move on and I selected it. It changed to a loading screen and wouldn't move beyond it. Had to press the PS button and exit that way but, instead of going back to the XMD, the PS3 reset itself. Now, mostly when I try and play this game, I end up with one of three loading issues: 1. it will go to a black screen, flick back and forth a couple times to a slightly lighter black screen and then an 'error trying to load' message will pop up. 2. When I put the game disc in, it won't show the game on the XMB and the clock in the upper right corner will time out. 3. it will load to a black screen and then freeze and I have to use the PS button to quit, only, the PS3 ends up just resetting itself. The rare times I can get it to load a game file now, I have some of the same gameplay issues as I do with Borderlands 2 and Resident Evil 6. The background music cuts out but, you can still hear some of the background noises and the noises the zombies make.

Yesterday, I started my PS3 up in safe mode and tried fixing my data files and rebuilding them but, it didn't work. Then I restored my PS3 and dusted/vaccummed the vents. Didn't work. My older PS3 games seem to work without any issues, though I haven't checked each and every one of them. All of the XMB options and applications work fine, except when it comes to playing the game discs. It plays dvd's fine. Don't know about BlueRay's as I don't have any BlueRay videos to try. I have a 160 GB PS3 Slim (though it doesn't say 'Slim' on the box) purchased 2 or 3 years ago. Please, if anyone can help me, I would be greatful.


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sounds like there's a lot of corrupt data going on ,

you could try and delete the three games "data" that you mentioned . u'll find that in the "game save" in the game section
or even delete the whole lot of data ( every game that's there ) and then try a system rebuild again , (you wont lose any of your trophies :smashin:)

and try playing the game again from the beginning,,

not that it would any difference , but do you have a lot of "game save's"
is the hard drive about full ?

may be a good idea to try a bluray movie , to make sure that the drive isn't going faultily, if it is then that could mess up the game as it save's ,


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I don't have a lot saved on it (almost nothing since I restored it). I'll see if I can get my hands on a blue-ray to try. Sounds to me like the laser is going out or the blue-ray motor is going out. Hopefully, the laser just needs to be cleaned. I'm waiting until I get the special screw driver you need to open it before I attempt to take it apart to clean it.

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