Problems with playback



Hi guys - hope u can help!

I've searched the forums for similar problems and they all seem to suggest head cleaning. but here is my dilemma

I recently purchased a Sambung VP-D230 digital camcorder (only £250 quid - half the price i've seen it elsewhere - i hope this is reflected in the quality!!!). Overall i am very happy with it however the first time i have recorded anything on it, new tapes etc, and the playback seems to have little coloured pixel blocks appearing on both the TV and the LCD screen, and also horizontal bars breaking up the picture. Sound seems ok.

I am connecting to the tele via the AV port on the camcorder, no via S-video.

Also the problem seems a little random, if the rewind and play the same bit again is seems to be a little better, and sometime bits of recording that seemed ok before are now corrupted!

Hope someone can help!


Hi there,
run a tape cleaner through it for ten seconds then try again with a brand new tape. If you get the same problem again, I would take it back to the shop you got it from. It sounds like there is some crud on the heads. It's hard to believe but some out of the box cams are dirty. I've had this on two, one being a high end eng job!
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