Problems with pioneer 504 ??




I have just got the pioneer 504 HDE, which I think is absolutely amazing BTW, but I have a little niggle with it.

Whenever I play an RGB NTSC (525i) source into it I get a black flash, like when you press the same channel on the remote - the screen goes black for about 2-3 secs then the display in the right hand corner of the screen appears when the picture returns.

I have tired a different DVD player, switching the inputs, and now it has done after three hours with a new media box.

Anyone else had this problem or know what might be causing it?



Kit : Pioneer 717, Pioneer 908 RDS, Pioneer 504 HDE, Pioneer CLD -2950, KEF Q7, KEF C95.2, KEF 65 DS, KEF 30B, and a pony pace ntl box.


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The 504 is quite slow at switchimng resolutions/inputs. Don't think it's a fault, just a 'feature'.

Like the one I have when my Xbox switches in and out of progressive mode (cut scenes etc). I get wide vertical streaks and have to remove the video lead from the back of the Xbox and re-insert it. Now that is annoying :(

Cracking plasma though :)


Like I said, it's only with 525i and I have had tried a new media box and different dvd player!!

Could it be the screen?


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See many earlier threads about the 434. This is a problem with the media box. You should get on to Pio to get either an upgrade to the box or a replacement.


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