Problems with picture geometry correction on the Panasonic TX32PD30C

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by lhalha, Jun 8, 2004.

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    Berfore I start I should say that my model may be slightly different to yours, as I am in Australia where this TV has different connections at the rear, and goes by the name of TX-76PW200A...

    I am generally very happy with my TV, but have a couple of issues with the picture shape.

    I have been using the service menu to try and correct the geometry. I have made significant improvements over the settings it came with, but still can't get it perfect - I have 2 main problems:

    1. Bottom of picture is not parallel to bottom edge of the TV screen - this is apparent when watching the news or any other program with bars of graphics on the bottom of the screen. But if I adjust it so that it is parallel, I get the same problem at the top. Using the standard geomagnetic correction seems to be the only way to tilt the whole page, but as the screen is not paralell with itself, this doesn't solve the problem. It's almost as if the left side of the picture needs to be lengthened by 1cm or so.

    2. Top left corner of screen bends down to the left - no matter how I change the geometry, I cannot get the top left corner to straighten to a 90 degree angle. It curves down from the top, starting about 2.5 cms from the top left, and ends up about 0.5 cm from the side left corner. The only way I can get rid of this is to stretch the whole of the picture past the top boundary. Again, this is only really apparent when playing games or when looking at the DVD player testcard. I doubt you'd never notice it when watching moving images.

    Any ideas?



    ps I am using the "test card" on my Harmon Kardon DVD21 as a reference. It has a white grid around the edge with blocks around 2cm in size, a colour card and a greyscale card... Is this the best tool for the job?

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