Problems with Philips TV/DVD combi


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Last Christmas I bought a 14" Philips TV/DVD combi (model 14PT6107) for my girlfriend as a present.

The problem is, nearly every time she plays a DVD on it, the picture changes to black & white part-way though the disc. This varies but usually the picture starts flickering 10-20 minutes into the film/programme.

These are all R2 discs (we don't own any R1 discs).

Typically after 10-15 mins of black & white viewing, the picture starts flashing (with a strong hint of purple) then the colour picture returns. It does this with 99% of discs. Also, we sometimes get weird things happening when we load certain discs (like the subtitles coming on by default and the language in Czech or something). Most odd.

After a couple of weeks I got fed up with it (as did my girlfriend) and so I took it back to the local retailer and left it with them for a day and...sod's behaved itself 100%.

They said they couldn't find anything wrong with it and are saying Philips will not take the product back until the shop can see the problems first themselves. I brought the set home and the problems persist. Now I don't know what to do.

The shop I bought it from tried to blame it on our DVDs at first. I said this was BS as the same discs play perfectly on my Pioneer DVD player in the lounge. They then tried to blame it on it being 'something in the room' and suggest we try it in another room. I think this is BS also, it looks to me like the DVD drive is faulty in some way - we don't get the problem with TV broadcasts.

Anyone got any idea what's going on here? The TV is situated on a chest of drawers. A micro system speaker is nearby, but not close enough to cause a problem (it's at least 3 ft away). We have a telephone and lamps in the room - nothing else electrical or that could cause interference.



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I can't remember all the details of the amended Sale of Goods Act - but the law is on your side.

Within the first six months of purchase, it is up to the Retailer to prove the goods are NOT faulty (it used to be down to the Customer to prove that they were faulty).

Go back to the store and request a replacement or refund.

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