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I picked one of these up in Richer Sounds recently. When it works it seems fine, but it has an unpleasant habit of locking up when it is turned on with a disk in the tray. Sometimes it says Philips and stops there, sometimes it also throws what looks to be a hex error code (AE3-something from memory). After that the system refuses to respond to any controls except sometimes the power off. It can eventually be restored by pulling the power cable and fiddling with various front panel controls while repluging but this often results in a loss of installation data after which it has to find all the tv stations again etc.

Has anyone else seen this? Would a firmware upgrade work or am I better off just taking it back?

Hi leng, there is a firmware upgrade for it on the Philips web-site. My first DVDR75 from Richer Sounds was faulty as well, so I took it back. I would suggest you do the same and if the new one is ok then add the new firmware. The new firmware won't affect the multi region, as least it didn't with mine.

I upgraded the firmware on mine last week , everything seems work just as it was.

Just out of fairness to the retailer, I rang Richer Sounds & started to explain the problem. I was interrupted with the words "That doesn't sound right. Bring it in and we'll swap it for a new one".

So far the new one seems to work fine.
I bought one from richer sounds and every now and then when you were recording it would turn itself off. after the firmware upgrade it works really well. very pleased all round and what a bargain at £240

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