Problems with NTL TV signal to Projector via Pioneer NS-DV55

Discussion in 'Cable TV & Virgin Media TV' started by anflemin, Nov 4, 2004.

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    I have just bought an Epson EMP-TW10H LCD projector which I would like to be able to use for both my DVD player (Pioneer NS-DV55 all-in-one Home Cinema) and digital cable TV (NTL with a Pace digi-box).

    The projector has a choice of S-VHS, RGB Component video and Composite video inputs and since the Pioneer system has S-VHS inputs and outputs I thought the easiest acceptable image quality option would be to stick with S-VHS. Playing DVDs is fine but the problem is with the cable TV image. I am routing the cable box via the Pioneer DVD through a SCART to S-VHS interconnect, my smart idea being that then I only need the one connection between the DVDs S-VHS output and the projector. However, when I send the cable TV signal to the projector it is black and white.

    I have checked settings on all 3 devices and I suspect that the problem might be down to the available signals from the digi-box - only RGB or composite are listed as options. Does this mean I can't send the cable signal through the DVD's S-VHS inputs/outputs and into the projector's S-VHS output. If so, I'm assuming I can get round this by using SCART to RGB direct from digi-box to projector, it's just that I was hoping to minimise the plugging and un-plugging, not to mention the cost of buying a second 5 metre video cable!

    Any suggestions gratefully reveived.

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    You are right, the NTL box can't output SVideo. Try an RGB2SVideo convertor from to acheive your original aim of SVideo looped through the DVD player.


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