problems with new virgin samsung box and 42LG7000


donnie murdo

hi anyone have problems with the compatibility of virgin media set-top box and a 42LG7000 LCD T.V when box is on the t.v then switched on the box goes haywire switches on and off and switches all the channels without touching the remote how do i fix this its doing my head in virgin technician says he's had multiple callouts for same problem with this t.v


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If you can afford that TV why do you not opt for the VM SA V+ box??? - different world - IMHO brilliant!


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:)Hi donnie, saw your note on my thread, i'd ignore the last guy's post. he's not being constructive!!! if you can live with it get on to virgin and ask them to supply you a PACE box, they work almost perfectly. Only thing i noticed was occasionally the tv control, when u press a button, brings up the stb menu. As i say it only happens very rarely:)


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Fine ignore my post but I am being constructive! If you look elsewhere on this forum you will see the huge benefits from using a V+ box over a standard V box particularly with a large screen TV If you enjoy rubbish pictures then great but if you want to see standard definition channels at their very best and better than any other source then get a V+ box - the difference is amazing!

PS a Pace box will be even worse!

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