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May 19, 2005
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Evening all :)

I recently got hold ofmy SP46 a few days ago and i was absolutley chuffed, however i think im experiencing a very bad picture, as the shot ive taken below looks absolutley horrible compared to other members with the same tv as me, would anyone know what the problem is and/or how to fix it ?


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It's impossible to say mate. Not only are all photos taken off screen prone to softness (they never look as good as the live picture), but in order to get it on to this website you have had to greatly compress that image thus compromising the quality even more.

It's virtually impossible to compare like to like in this situation anyway. You may have a different feed and connections from other posters. For example is that pic from Sky, Freeview, RF, DVD or HCPC? Is it connected by VGA, HDMI, Scart, component, etc. Then there's the quality of the disc or broadcast to consider.

I've got some discs that look worse than others do, but that's down to the quality of the transfer.
I hear what your saying :)

The pic is pretty much near the exact thing im seeing off screen, the picture compression really hasnt made all that much off a diff to the pic. It was taken from terrestrial TV, through an indoor aeriall, which is conncected via the ant in plug at the back. I have also noticed that sorta blockyness through some HI def clips though my htpc, and thats conncted from DVI - HDMI.

Would there be any possible way to get rid of it ?
You'll find that most of the pics posted by members are from DVD or HD clips.

Quality of the type you are experiencing is normal for broadcast images. Plus you're using an indoor ariel which doesn't help matters. Terrestrial, Sky and Freeview are nowhere near the quality you get with DVD and can sometimes be quite poor. I don't think there is anything wrong with your TV, it is just that once you get into the screen sizes of these TVs, all of the nasties in broadcast images become apparent whereas they weren't on your 28" or 32" set.

The blockiness on the HD clips could be caused by any number of factors. The quality of the download, the spec of the PC the drivers, codecs, etc. If all of the aforementioned are up to spec, these sets handle hi-def images superbly, without any artefacts or blocking.

But until HD-DVD discs and players are available we're stuck with PCs, downloads and the attendant possibility of less than perfect source material and/or reproduction. I've seen different downloads of the same clips with varying degrees of picture quality.
Suggestion: switch screen aspect ratio to match the broadcasted program aspect ratio, especially when watching terrestrial as most of it is 4:3.
a "16:9", "wide" or "zoom" mode will just distort and exasperate the poor quality of sd broadcasts.
in 4:3 mode you should get a percieved improvement in definition, compared to watching in "zoomed/wide" you will have black areas on either side of picture with 4:3 broadcasts, but its better than watching a squashed/stretched picture.
with terrestrial, you have to do this manually using the aspect ratio button on remote. when using "scart switching" and a digibox/dvdplayer this should happen automatically once setup properly.

I probably didnt explain this properly but hey, its my first post here. . . hello evryone
Thanks for the replys :)

What you both say make sense, the_pauley - i will look at getting latest drivers/codecs :thumbsup: Im glad to hear that this is normal though, I was getting rather worried with the set. Also A.B.C - i am running it in 16:9, it never occured to many to switch it t 4:3, i will try that tonight, im sure it'll make a difference. Somone commented to me that the screen did look stretched to me yesterday :D

By the way would an "upgrade" to freeview make much difference to broadcasting picture quality ?
All broadcast signals, Freeview included, are inferior to DVD. But whether terrestrial or Freeview you need to upgrade to a good quality outdoor ariel to make the most of the signal.
Tried viewing TV last night on 4:3 and it seems to of got rid of 95% of the problem, thanks for that, guess the other 5% is due to broadcasting quality. Thanks again :thumbsup:

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