Problems with new iMac 24" and Mac Mini


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I recently decided to switch to Mac and bought a 24" 2.4Ghz with 3GB Ram and 750GB HD and a new 2GHz Mac mini with 2GB of Ram.

The first problem I have experienced with the iMac is that sometimes when I load a DVD the computer keeps scanning the drive so you get noise from the DVD drive where it seems to be seeking the start position, sometimes the movie will play but it runs about 10 times too slow so play's a fram stutters then plays another frame etc. To clear the problem I have to restart, but its becomine a bit of a pain.

As for the Mac Mini, I have connected this to my 40" samsung F71 via VGA but after about 10 mins the mini crashes, sometimes the screen breaks up and the computer is unsuable, the other times the mac mini simply restarts!!!

Any ideas?


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I'm sure you're gonna get loads of "well i've never had a problem"
comments, but it sounds like both of these need to go back to the shop!

Sorry you've been unlucky!



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Sounds like the iMAC has an iffy DVD drive. The drive on my MAC Mini seems to hunt a lot on CD-roms, but I've had no issues so far. If you have an external USB or Firewire DVD drive you could try that. If you still get playback issues then it's the iMAC, if not it's almost certainly the drive. Right now, my money's on the internal drive.

As for the MAC Mini, there are a couple of things to try. Make sure that the unit is well ventilated. Secondly, make sure that you've applied all of the latest software patches - select Software Update from the main Apple menu. Finally, it could be that there's some incompatibility between the Mini and your Samsung display. Is the Mini stable if connected to a normal PC-type display?

I'd be pretty disappointed if I had two pieces of duff new kit - that thing normally happens to me, which is why I only buy one new item at a time - two is tempting fate just too much for me! Good luck, but don't take too long talking to Apple about these issues - you may well have two duff boxen. Sigh.




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Cheers for the quick replies.

With the mac mini, it was well ventulated i.e had it sitting on a table. I thought about it maybe being a compatability issue so connected it to a normal CRT display and knocked the resolution up to as high as it would accept and after about 10 mins the mini died, so guess it is a hardware problem.

As for the iMac, sometimes the drive works ok and sometimes it does not. I updated the OS and it still happens. Will contact the store I got it from jigsaw24 as they gave some advice intially and said if the mac mini continued to cause problems after the tests they would swap it.

Bit gutted sbout the iMac as there is quite a wait for them at the mo :(


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Just looks like you've been really unlucky.

The mini I have just bought is my third Apple computer I have bought and I have never had a problem with any of them.

Get them swapped asap...:)


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One other option before you trek down to the shop is to reinstall OSX clean (format and install). I remember with my PowerBook (using the factory install that was preloaded) that I had DVD issues, issues with web access, etc. Rebuilt the machine and it never required another rebuild until I sold it off.


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Cheers for the info. If I try a full clean OSX install will that wipe all existing stuff I have loaded such as events within iPhoto etc. Sorry new to Mac.


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Cheers for the info. If I try a full clean OSX install will that wipe all existing stuff I have loaded such as events within iPhoto etc. Sorry new to Mac.

im not at my mac at moment, but yes it would, find out how the events are stored - it could be preferences file in user library for iphoto or even deep inside the iphoto app itself.

Then do a Archive and Install when installing off the dvd, so your exisiting system folder and settings are put away in to a 'Previous System' folder, for you to take out any files you may need for your newly installed system.

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