Problems with NAT and Netgear WGE 111 Adapter


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Hi There, Can anyone help me out? When playing on COD2 I often accept invites and when I join the jobby it kicks me out - it has been suggested that my NAT may be causing the trouble but it states that is 'open' when the connection is tested. Because the WGE111 controls all the network settings and the 360 is set to automatic I cannot find what is wrong, if anything at all. I also use the BT Home Hub as my router. Jim please fix it for me to be able to join all my friends and have fun killing them.



rob roberts

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i had a similar problem and did this.

First went to edit settings on 360 and got the IP address, then went to my router site and under virtual server changed the DMZ to match the IP address on 360, this opened everything right up.

One problem i find is every now and then, say once a month the IP address on 360 changes for a day then you have to change your DMZ to match.

Hope it helps


Also i contacted my ISP and got all my details , I.P address , DNS settings etc
and entered them manually in the network settings on the 360
Also setup xbox live through my router online.

My NAT is open and have had no problems since.

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