Problems with my Philips VCR


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Something weird is happening to my VR608, it's changing the year, month and day by itself to: 23/04/2038!!

I've gone into the menu and changed it to the correct settings but as soon as I've pressed 'OK' to accept the new settings it changes it back again?

I've just reset them and it seems alright at the moment but I'm sure that it's going to happen again.

Any ideas?


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Snap ! Twice !

My VR608 is doing the same, as is my parents, it's gotta be a fault with them all !

I've e-mailed Philips from their contact us page on the web, but I wonder if they'll respond ?

I'll post with the response, if I get one


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I wasn't expecting someone to have the same problem as me.:eek:
When did yours and your parents start going wrong?
I think mine was Thursday evening or maybe early Friday.
There must be a fault then. Is yours changing to the same year, month and day.
If it continues to do this I will want a new vcr as it's not doing what it's supposed to do.
Mine is only 21 months old. I've had two other Philips vcr's before and they've lasted about eight years each until the heads went.
Let's hope we can get this sorted out.


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I'm not sure exactly when it started doing it, I hardly ever use mine as I have Sky+ but my parents reckon there's was definately OK last Thursday but not sure after that. I think it's a bit too close to the clocks changing for my liking, it would seem that there's a bug in the electronics for the date/time.

Both our's are changing to that exact date also 23/04/2038, it's just gotta be a programing error onboard the video.

However, call me pessimistic but both our videos are also over 12months old, and I think the chances of a fix is slim to say the least.:(

I tried the post purchase FAQ's on the Philips site....... don't bother, there don't appear to be any for VCR's :confused:


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I've had a reply from Philips and they know of the problem.
The BBC are sending the wrong signal (through teletext) which is causing the video to have the wrong date etc.

The BBC are working on the problem.

I think the BBC might have cured it because I haven't had any problems the last couple of days or so.


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Got my reply too with the explaniation.
Seems to have been ok for the last couple of days. I hope we don't see that again !


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