Problems with my DV88

Matt Horne

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Where shall I start..My second DV88 is now a year old (the first was stolen after 6 months)

Its been a great.. with some great movies.. but now things are taking a turn for the worst.

Numerous problems seem to have arisen in the last couple of weeks so I thought I would mention them here to see if anyone else has had the same probs..

Firstly on 2 occassions now I have turned on the player and stuck in a movie only to realise the digital output (co-ax) is not outputing much at all. The way to describe the sound would be like leaking between channels. I was able to turn my amp all the way up and hear a whisper from the speakers! Initially I thought my amp was knackered.. but switch to the phonos and all was well. The only way I seemed to cure it was by unplugging it from the mains for a bit.

Other problems which have surfaced in the last few days include a loud vibrating noise as the disc spins (wife said it sounded like a cinema projector), the drive taking an age to read discs and on one ocassion not read the disc at all and just keep spinning.

This has happened on a variety of discs.. all of which are pristine.
I'm just glad the machine is under a 2 year waranty.

I have spoken to Arcam Tech Support (about the digital output prob) and they are sending me SW 1.8 to bring me up to date..From all these probs only by disconnecting the mains power would they disappear (at least temporarily), though tonight seems to be the exception. Any ideas ppl ?

I have a average setup, the player is on a Sounds Unique rack with plenty of space and air, and I am using a Olson Sounds Fantastic mains filtered block, Yamaha Amp etc etc

If anyone has had similar probs please let me know.. I'll be popping in the dealers tomorrow to see what they can do...


Matt :confused:

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