Problems with JVC th-sw8 sub


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Hi guys,

Having a problem with the sub (i think) on my jvc wireless system.

Works ok up to about 35 on the volume and then as soon as the slightest bit of heavy bass comes in, it knocks out the all the front speakers inlcuding the sub.

Also happens when watching things like star wars etc.. although its ok on loads of other films.

Tried even turning down the sub and the front speakers but no joy...

Any help greatly appreciated



I am having the same problem with the woofer, have you soled the problem yet?

Would love to know the solution so I can give it some welly.

Hope you Can Help

Darren Batty

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Had the exact same problem with my JVC wireless system, called an engineer out and found out that it was one loose connection into the sub woofer (one of the front speaker wires was not connected). Once connects I was back on full power annoying the neighbours !

Darren Batty

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I have the JVC THSW9 systems that comes with 4 x tall speakers, with my new 46" TV there is not enough space to have them at the side of the TV therefore I have taken them off the towers (still 12" high) and have them placed behind the TV which is limiting there performance (and they keep falling over !)

What I need is to replace the front speakers with some smaller speakers that will fit within the TV cabinet (approx 10" between the shelves). Can anyone guide me to some suitable speakers (can I buy any or will thay have to match the existing system?), all I know is that the existing speakers are
4 ohm and rated at 120W

Any help would be appreciated
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