Problems with Jabra Elite Active 75t


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Hey guys;
I've got a pair of Jabra Elite Active 75t which I purchased in November '20.
The sound is fantastic, and the fit is pretty good for me.
The buds worked flawlessly until a couple weeks ago when the sound in the right ear began to diminish to zero after wearing them for about 5 minutes.
I did some experimentation, and it appears that the right bud has a heat problem. When I placed the buds into a ziplock baggie and into the fridge for about 15 mins, the sound was normal again - for about 5 minutes, then began to diminish to nothing once more.
I tried the following:
Un-pairing and re-pairing the buds
Placing buds into the case and plugging case into USB port so the buds and case would be fully charged
Pairing the buds with another phone

None of the above did anything to solve the problem.

I did some Google and found some possible tricks to get the buds working properly again:
Re-installing the firmware seemed to work for some people. So I followed the instructions, which involved downloading the language (English) again, and performing an update.
After the update, the right bud still had the problem, but then I did some more Google and found that uninstalling the Jabra Sound+ app from my Android 10 phone might solve the issue.
So I un-paired and forgot the Jabra buds on my phone (Moto G7 Optimo Maxx (Tracfone)), uninstalled the Sound+ app, then rebooted the phone.
When the phone was back up, I re-paired the jabra buds, and sure enough - the sound was OK again. No fading after many hours of listening.

The buds were fine for about 10 days, then the problem occurred again, except this time the right bud was dead right out of the case.
When I removed the buds from the case, the green lights flashed, indicating fully charged.
But when I tried to do the firmware update again, I could not because the Sound+ app (needed for the update) said that the buds did not have enough charge.
So I placed them back into the case (lid closed), and plugged the case into the USB port, and left them for several hours.
I did the update, but it did not fix the problem. Neither did un-installing the Sound+ app, un-pairing, rebooting the phone, and re-pairing.
The only thing that did work for 5 minutes was placing the buds into the fridge for 15 minutes.

So I left the buds in their case (lid closed) overnight. The case was not plugged into a USB port (I don't leave it plugged in until the indicator LED flashes orange) but the case was fully charged.
Now, this morning when I put the buds into my ears and began playing an audiobook, the sound is good, and has remained so for quite some time so far.
I am at a loss to explain this intermittent problem, except that it does appear to be heat related. That said, the temp in my room has been the same over the time when the buds have worked and failed.

I opened another ticket with Jabra service last evening, so I'll see what happens. I guess they will eventually replace one or both buds for me, since they are still under warranty. But from what I've been reading, this appears to be an ongoing issue for these buds (and maybe other similar models as well).
It is unfortunate, since I really enjoy the sound these buds produce.

I would like to hear from anyone who owns these or any similar Jabra buds if you are having a problem.


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I have returned the earbuds to Jabra for warranty replacement, but I have my doubts that the new pair will perform any better after a couple of months.
If that be the case, I'm going to invest in a good pair of wired.


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I am on my 3rd pair of 75ts through Jabra's warranty program where my left ear bud fades after a few minutes, or does not function right out of the case. Tech Support seems somewhat ignorant to the root cause by simply resending another pair. I've requested a full refund as I don't think this will ever get resolved. I hope you have better luck


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I've been using my new pair of 75t's for a couple weeks now with no issues, but it took a couple months for the problem to show in the last pair.
I have pretty much made up my mind that if (when) this pair go bad - regardless of warranty, I am going back to wired. My phone has a headphone jack, but if I eventually buy a phone without one, I'll get a bluetooth DAC.

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