Problems with ITV Digital and Sony KV28LS35


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I have an ITV Digital box connected via RGB passthrough through my Pioneer DVD player to the TV.
Sometimes when I'm watching digital TV there is a loud pop and the screen goes blank for a split second, display 'wide' at the bottom of the screen like an aspect switch and then the picture returns.
It doesn't happen when watching analogue TV.

Is this likely to be a problem with the TV? Any ideas anyone?

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So, if your cable routing goes


do you get the same problem with the DVD? Is the DVD RGB as well?

If yes/yes, or yes/no - probably a TV problem. If no/yes, more likely a digibox problem. If no/no - may be the STB or may be the TV not liking RGB.


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I don't get the problem with DVD and it is also RGB. So it would suggest the Digibox but I am confused why it has suddenly started happening with this TV.
I've had 4 new TVs in the last few months (various problems meant they were returned) and this is the only one which it has had this problem. So I suspected the TV.
I may try the Digibox via composite but that won't really tell me anything about whether its the digibox or TV just whether its an RGB problem or not.
I don't really want to buy another digibox and find it is a problem with the TV.
Is it worth getting the shop's TV engineer to look at it / take it away?




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1) engineering work

2) is it a Nokia?

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