Problems with Ireland Dish install


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Hi all,

My brother is at our holiday home in Ireland at the moment trying to install a 90cm dish to pick up Freesat stuff from Astra 28.2E.

He has installed the dish outside and is certain he is pointing it very close to the correct inclination and azimuth required. However, the set-top box shows no signal, and when a straight-through satellite meter is used, the needle doesn't move at all, and the tone remains absolutely constant. Even moving the dish around results in absolutely no signal from anything, anywhere. I would have thought that with everything else okay, even if he wasnt pointing it in exactly the right direction, that there would be a tiny signal from some satellite somewhere to indicate the dish, LNB and connections are okay.

So what could be the problem? He has checked the coax connections with a multimeter and has insured that the inner and outer are not shorting.

Does this mean that the LNB could be faulty?

Any help would be much appreciated,

He will not find anything at all until he is within one degree or less of correct alignment both horizontally or verically. Also depending on the receiver it can take up to a minute or so for the tuners to lock on a signal and the signal meters to show a signal. Merely waving it through the arc will not find a signal.

Try this site and zoom in for a birds eye view to help with alignment on local landmarks (input address and choose satellite).
Satellite Finder / Dish Pointing Calculator with Google Maps |


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Okay, he's probably just not being patient enough then :) I'm assuming the chance that it is a faulty LNB is very low?

And I used that site before to find out the azimuth and inclination info for the location of the dish, very useful :)


Chris Muriel

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A bit obvious but will state anyway :
Since he has a multimeter, he should carefully check that 14/18 volts DC appears on the F-type connector that plugs into the LNB - ensuring he doesn't inadvertently short the inner and outer whilst doing this.

Chris Muriel, Manchester


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Well guess what, it was a faulty LNB.

He went out and bought a new one today, switched it with the old one, and straight away he's got signal on the meter. He's now successfully tuned into Astra 28.2E and has all the Freesat channels!

What are the chances of it being a faulty LNB though...I was very surprised to say the least.

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