problems with Harmony 1000


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I have two problems right now with my harmony remote. I was previously able to use the remote to start and control my xbox 360. Now i get nothing, and when i use the help to try to start it up i keep tapping no and it still never comes on...

second problem. ever since I had the harmony control the xbox i have not been able to use either one of my origional xbox remotes.

I hope that someone can help with this as I am lost. (please dumb it down for me too)

Thanks for reading and helping


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how long have you been owning/using it?

have u tried software/firmware update?


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Well.. I tryed the update and still nothing. Harmony will not work with xbox. origional xbox remotes will not work with xbox. ***

Not being funny, but there's a bit of a pattern here: none of your remotes work with your xBox. Could your xBox be broken?


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one way to know whether all your remotes still function or not is by directing the IR of the remote to the camera lens.

snap a picture while holding down any button on the remote.

you're gonna see some sort of purple-ish or red-ish colour from your snaps result and that means your remote still working and if they are all still working i'll 2nd the prev post m8
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There is a setting in the xbox dashboard (console settings) for which remote control to use - could this have changed?

Can't remember what the options are but I think the are xbox 360 remote, media centre remote or both.

Which one are you using?


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I can't tell which one is it on as I dont have any remotes that work for the xbox.. I am trying to find someone with a wired remote to conect that way

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