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Problems with forward winding


In the last 2 days when i try to skip forward,at best it only reads 12x and when I press play again it takes about 10 seconds or more to respond.

Anyone else experienced/experiencing this ?


Distinguished Member
Pretty much everyone to varying degrees.
Fundemental issues with the OS in terms of FF and RW and maybe even some minor issues with how the OS handles the display of frames in FF/RW for SD and HD material.

Jaycee Dove

Active Member
Our box is unusually slow at FF and responding to play commands today.

There is at least one other mention of this on Digital Spy so something may be afoot (again) :)


Standard Member
yep - i get that too


Well-known Member
Over the past few days I've been having a nightmare with the fast forward and reverse. Slow to get going, then I can't blooming well stop it so it whizzes (I say whizzes, but I really mean stutters) 10, 15 minutes past where I want, meaning I have to rewind again with the same results.

I thought it was the remote batteries so I used the buttons on the front pannel but it still did it.

It wasn't as bad as this before now.


I'm glad I'm not the only one with this. Thought I may need to do a system reset, but that would mean wiping my planner and that'll never happen at this rate as it keeps filling up with films in HD.


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AndyH said:
Has anyone else noticed their 12x FF being slower than the 6x?!
only if you "build up" to it, if you press FFWD 3 times quickly then it's OK (or 4 times for 30x)


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Well, I came home today to find the HD box making a whiring sound even though it wasn't doing anything. I decided to turn the box off at the wall for a few minutes.

It stopped the whiring sound and also it cured the the ffwd/rwd problem. It still a bit sluggish but nowhere near as terrible as it has been. At least it plays when I want it to now.


Active Member
mmace said:
only if you "build up" to it, if you press FFWD 3 times quickly then it's OK (or 4 times for 30x)

Interesting.. normally I hit the button quickly as you describe to jump to desired speed (can't help it being a gamer!). Maybe I didn't that time!


Standard Member
I find that even though the fast-forward shows x30, the actual speed does not increase from x12 and It will generally take approx. 12-15 seconds to scan past the adverts in a commercial break.

This is extremely noticable when I compare with my normal Sky+ machine in the bedroom which actually fast-forwards at the correct x30 speed. This will take approx. 5-7 secs to scan past the adverts in a commercial break.

Please Sky sort this out.


Standard Member
My box had the same problem at first but now seems okay - on fast forward or rewind at 30x a minute of program goes by in 2 seconds.

May have sorted itself out when I rebuilt the Sky+ planner?

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