Problems with files on USB stick


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I have a Epson EB-x12 which you can view files from a usb.

On my laptop i have a folder with files named.
1 through to 40 and then some later files with names such as 100nmx 101nmx 102nmx 110nmx.

Now looking at this folder on my laptop is has them in numerical order, 1 through to 40 then 100,101,102, 110 etc.
However when i put the same usb with the same folder into the projector, the files all go random.
it will put all the '1's' together.. ie 1 then 100 then 101 then 110 then 2 etc etc.

On the projector itself there are only options to sort by name or date in ascending or descending orders.
If I attached the projector to the laptop and run the same folder it views it correctly, how can i make it so the usb stick reads the same?
Please help, this is so annoyingand preventing me from doing a display at a local club.



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If you can sort by date then try re-copying them one at a time in order so the date order matches the name order you want?


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Hmmm that would work but seeing as it is over 300 images that would take an age to you.
Any other suggestions?


Bit of a late reply i know, but try and rename in bulk. Use Workflow on a Mac if you have access.
But make sure all the files are renamed in order and use 4 digits. You can rename by date to get them in that order first then rename them in number order

i.e 0001, 0002, 0003, that will put them in order on your usb and projector.

Sorry if you have already done this or moved on !!!

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