Problems with Ext3/SVHS3 on Philips 6515


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I bought this set three weeks ago and thought I had tested it all. However I have found a strange problem when using the SVHS3/Ext3 socket.

When I first tried it using an LG DVD player connected with an S-Video lead it seemed fine - this lead still works.

However I have recently tried an X-box using an S-Video lead, a gamecube using the 3 phonos and a camcorder using the 3 phonos. All produce an unwatchable picture ( almost black, sometimes just lines jumping across it ) and distorted sound. I have tried all three items on another TV with the same leads - all fine.

So I went back to the DVD player and tried its S-Video lead again - perfect picture! However when I unplugged it and tried to use the X-box and Sky digibox using the RGB scart, both pictures were overly blue. Switching off the TV cured the blue problem.

I'm assuming the Ext3/SVHS3 socket is faulty and have reported it to QED. They want to check with Philips on Monday to see if it can be fixed over the phone, which I doubt, before arranging for an engineer to come out and look at it.

Anyone out there with a Philips 6515 have any help on this please?


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Don't know about the X-Box but if the others are composite then don't you need to change the setting on the TV menu or TV itself to tell it whether the input will be S-Video or Composite?


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In a way. You choose Ext3 for composite and SVHS3 for S-Video from the remote.

So for the X-box I choose SVHS3. For the camcorder and Gamecube I choose Ext3. Neither produces a picture.

It is only the DVD player using S-Video that I can get a picture from using SVHS3 and it then turns my RGB pictures in EXT1 a shade of blue.

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