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I am fairly new to home theater stuff and as a college student haven't spent as much money on equipment as I would have liked to (but still a fair chunk of change). I have a HTR 5460 receiver and I can't get any sound in DTS mode even when I am playing a DTS encoded DVD. I have already gone into my DVD player settings ( Panasonic RV31 player) and turned the DTS function on. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm starting to get frusterated. The Yamaha owners manual does not do a very good job explaining how to set stuff up. Thanks in advance.

David Moechnig
Rolla, MO

Various basic things, since I don't know the yammy ampli specs..

1) Does the amp have the DTS logo on it ?
2) Assuming 1 is true, AC3 (Dolby Digital and DTS) can only be fed to your amplifier witha digital connection (A coax cable and/or Optical (toshlink). So that needs to be connected up.
3) Make sure that you have your amp set up so it accepts audio in the auto mode (should be able to sense analog or digital). If that is not a feature on the amp, maybe look for a button that says analog/digital input.
forgot one thing, one some aplifiers you can select the digital input. Let's say you have selected DVD on your input selector. You also need to tell the amp that for input DVD , you want to use coaxial1, or coaxial 2, or optical 1 etc etc. They are preassigned usually in order but if your digital link is connected to somethign else then the default you need to modify that.

Let me know how you go..

Erick Otto

alex f

Standard Member
.....and dont forget to select DTS on the DVD audio/subtitles disc menu itself!

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