Problems with Deep Discount DVD

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Thats a Bloody good deal. :cool:

Have you used them before?
yeah kevb, I've used them a few times already. I got sent this offer through email as I've ordered before.

No hassles at all with them.
I've just ordered:D ..How long do they usually take?and have you ever been hit by customs?
If your in the UK, It should take around 10-14 days. Wont be any longer.

As long as your under $60 (which I assume you were if it was only the superbit dvd's you bought) then you'll be fine. No need to worry there.


Thanx for the heads up on this one:)

I've just put an order in for Gattaca & The Patriot in addition to Panic Room Superbit :cool: and have rec'd a couple of emails confirming the order.

It's been a while since I've ordered DVDs from the US, therefore will report back when rec'd

Anybody else looking for this deal better hurry as it finishes today (24th Sept). I've ordered The Fifth Element & Snatch along with Panic Room.
No problem Del.

Hope you all get your movies ok :)

As Ive said before, Ive used them a couple of times with no hassles, 10-14 days and your films will be with you.

Still works...just ordered Panic Room/Fifth Element/Patriot
Ta muchly :D
sorry to be a bit of a worry wort, but their registration page is not secure when it asks you to fill in your credit card details, i am not willing to risk this as i have had my card cloned before. has everyone who has taken up the offer recieved their discs yet?
I used an Egg card. It's supposed to have internet security guaranteed. We'll have to wait and see. I haven't got my DVD's yet as I only ordered them 3 days ago.
dts_boy :

Their registration page is secure mate. Look at the little padlock down the right hand side of the explorer taskbar.

when it asks you...."Do you want to display the non-secure items ?" You obviously answer 'no' to this and it will be secure.
Anybody got theirs yet? I got a confirmation e-mail from them on Saturday telling me they've been despatched.
So, has anyone received their DVD's yet? I ain't got mine. Someone know what the average delivery time is from Deep Discount?
yep, Ive already said 2 times in this post, but just for you i'll say again....

7-10 working days from conformation of despatch.

Hi All,

Got my order confirmation on 28/9....but no DVD's yet.

Out of interest, have you guy's been charged for the shipping?

I saw that International Shipping was $8.95 and added this to my order, and indeed, my initial E-mail confirmation stated a total cost of $45.18, but by my next E-mail the shipping fee had been removed with the order now totaling out at $36.23.

Iv'e subsequently confirmed on my credit card site that only $36.23 ( £23.95 ) has been charged to my card.

So assuming the disc's arrive ok, this really has turned out to be a first class offer!.... 3 x Superbit disc's for £24 quid!

ps. Did you guy's have a space problem on their web site when it came to entering your shipping address? IE: I couldn't enter my County due to the fact that the US State box could not be overwritten with anything other than one of their States from the drop down menu, and I couldn't add it to the previous address line due to a limit on the number of allowable characters!

Best Regards,
Received my DVD's today. Just sat down and watched a few minutes of The Fifth Element and was totally blown away with the P & S quality. Have to have a gander at Snatch & Panic Room soon to see how good the transfer is on them too. Let's hope we get some more good titles soon on Superbit.
With reference to the posts below, I guess you just have to be unlucky if your DVD's get caught through customs. Thankfully, this has never happened to me yet. Fingers crossed. mine today aswell,the invoice showed the dispatch date as 28/9,so delivery span wasn't too bad.
I've watched Panic Room ,and the picture and sound quality did impress me(though i still think that superbit opens up the D.D5.1 versus DTS debate).I quite enjoyed the film aswell ,which makes a change after some of the old crap i've bought recently!
Had a letter from the post office today saying they are waiting for me.... I can pick them up when i pay the £7.80 import dutie :mad:
First time ive been caught for import dutie :(
Likewise Baggy69

Today had to pay £7.91 HM Customs duty:mad:


Del & Baggy69,

Perhaps I am being dim here, but how did the customs chaps come to bill you those figures of £7 plus? Do they break the price down at all?


Yes, I got mine today too.. I paid £7.91 customs duty too.

I'm phoning them though..... the total price on the declaration was $36

How the hell they managed to get £7.91 ($12.30) which is almost a third of the price out of us on tax is unbelievable...thats around 33% tax !!

Your allowed $65 before any tax being clamped down !!:mad:

I h8 them ba$tard$ (please excuse my language) I'm gonna phone em tomorrow.
Has anyone else received theirs yet? Mine were dispatched on the 28th & there is still no sign of them:(
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