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Problems with crackling audio on TVs fed via io link. Issues???


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Hello, I have recently had a sky HD box fitted and had to buy the additional io link to feed my secondary TVs. Now I have started to notice a problem where I get a loud crackling sound on all the secondary TVs. Its almost as if the signal is too loud and distorting, but it seems to happen more during quiet parts of a movie etc so can not be to do with clipping. I haven't spoken to sky yet as I don't think they will want to know unless I can find some similar experiences. Any advice appreciated. thanks


Try checking the connections, and changing the output channel.


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Insufficient voltage to supply the circuit. Can't guess what the effect might be.
There are probably many other possibilities but, until the OP lists all the associated equipment and describes the connections, who knows?


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Hi sorry for the late reply, after posting the opening post I found some information with regards to isolating the screen part of the coax before it gets to the tv. Now I disconnected the foil screen and the picture was very bad, but only on sky, normal tv was no different. I then realised that if i moved the magic eye away from my dvd player which is situated in a cupboard about 50cm below the tv, that the picture improved. In fact the picture is now better than before as it was never a sharp image. Also the remote works every time now, where as before sometimes it would not work then would jump as if I had pushed the button 3 times etc.

The io unit is linked to my distribution amp, with currently only 1 magic eye fitted. I believe the amp is powering the magic eye and not the sky box, as the red LED stays on if I disconnect the io unit.

I am still getting a problem with the audio though, I will try using a different channel and report back. thanks


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That's why I wrote: "...until the OP lists all the associated equipment and describes the connections..."
I could diagnose nearly every single problem with relative ease if I were there on the premises. As I'm not, I have to rely on a comprehensively labelled wiring diagram plus photos, from my customers. For anyone else, I'm happy to have a quick look at whatever they care to provide but I won't spend a great deal of time on it.
Your problem with the magic-eye proximity to equipment is, I think, covered here:
The Definitive SkyLink Magic Eye Guide | AVForums

For the audio problem, please disconnect the main TV completely. Use a double-screened cable such as WF100 to connect the IO-link to another TV (as close as possible) or even to the main TV. Do not connect a TV aerial. Tune the TV to the Sky RF channel and check the audio. Report back. If this eliminates the crackling then we can proceed with other tests to determine the cause.


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I meant to comment on that. Firstly, it indicates that the "normal" signal (do you mean Freeview?) is much stronger than the Sky RF signal for some reason. (Look for that reason. Maybe the "normal" signal is being over-amplified.)

Secondly, simply disconnecting the screen is the wrong way to go about "decoupling" it. You should do it as shown in the photos on this page:
Decoupling Sky coaxial cable to avoid ground loops


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Hello,I am also having issues with IO LINK. the picture is quite good,have a buzzing sound on second TV linked with IO LINK,I am only feeding 1 TV from the main TV,tried a second IO LINK but buzzing still there, the COAX cable linking main TV to the bedroom looks quite old,was here before I moved in,could this be the problem ? any other advice much appreciated. the cable run is no more than 15 meters.
Any other advice much appreciated.thanks Mike.

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