Problems with connecting pc speakers to a new smart tv, and a few complicated questions about audio formats and Netflix sound issues


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Two weeks ago our non-smart TV and the computer that was connected to the tv have died following a lightning / voltage surge (we're not sure). Until then the tv was connected to the computer in the living room with an HDMI cable, and the speakers (Microlab SOLO 7C) were connected to the computer at the green 3.5mm port, so we were watching Netflix (the Netflix app in Windows) and movies through the computer and the sound output was from the pc speakers mentioned above.
After the TV died we bought a new smart TV from Samsung (Q80T), which of course has a built-in Netflix app. However, the problem is that the TV does not have 3.5mm audio out or rca, but only an optical port. So I checked the internet and found that there is a digital to analog audio converter and I bought it. I then connected it with a TOSLINK cable to the optical port on the TV, and from its other side I connected it to the speakers at the headphones jack.
All was working properly and the sound went from the pc speakers at the regular cables channels.
However, on the Netflix app there was no sound coming out at all from the speakers. I played with the TV settings and found that in the audio settings it is possible to change the audio format to PCM, and the other option is AUTO. When I chose the PCM option, the sound went back to work on Netflix, butttt - the problem is that I feel that the sound quality is not quite good as it was then when we watched Netflix through the computer. The sound is very flat and has no depth and richness.
Now what have I found out? This audio converter I bought only supports PCM/LPCM, and there are other converters that also support the following formats - DTS-HD / Dolby True HD / DTS / Dolby AC3 / LPCM / PCM. Now my question is if I would use such a converter, will the sound be as good again as in the time we were watching Netflix with the speakers connected to the computer? I'm a little in doubt. Because I found that Netflix broadcasts in DOLBY DIGITAL PLUS format and this specific format is not supported by the above converter. But if so, then how the sound quality when the speakers were connected to the pc was significantly better from now? Maybe the integrated sound card built into the computer's motherboard supports higher quality audio formats or outputs high quality sound?
I'm really at a loss, I'd be happy if anyone could help me come up with a solution. I really like these speakers and the sound they produce and do not want to give up on them.
Thank you!

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