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I have a Loewe 32” Mimo Television connected to a Telewest cable box by scart cable, the cable box is set to broadcast in a widescreen format.
Now normally most programs on BBC1 through to Channel 5 are in the 16:9 ratio and other channels like UK Gold for example are in the 4:3 ratio.
My Television automatically switches between the formats, however I have noticed that on certain occasions, the auto format seems to stick for example last night I was watching Channel 5 my TV was in 16:9 ratio mode, however there was a Five news update which gets broadcast in a 4:3 ratio, my television did not switch to the 4:3 ratio, and the picture was squashed and this remained the same for the film afterwards, manual adjustment of the aspect ratio did not help, the only way to sort the problem was to go into the cable box display settings change the output to 4:3 ratio go back in and then change it back to widescreen. After that my TV started switching automatically again. The problem is more common the other way round , normally I am watching a channel that is outputting a 4:3 ratio, then when I change to channels that are out putting a 16:9 ratio the picture for that channel gets shown in a 4:3 ratio, the picture is not distorted but I do have black bars down the left and right sides, if I then manually change to 16:9 ratio the picture becomes squashed, I must then go into the cable box settings again and do as above. What is the problem here? Is it my TV or the cable box? And how can I fix it?


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i have the same problem with my philips tv. i think the problem lies with telewest. It used to aslo have the problem that everytime telewest did an update the box would reset to 4:3 output even though it still showed 16:9 in the set up menu, if switched to 4:3 then back again that would fix it.


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thanks for the reply, i also think the problem does lie with telewest phoned them last night, but were unable to help me, said they would refer problem to their digital department and get back to me, still waiting though!

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