Problems with a Toshiba 27WLT56B


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First Post, so please be gentle!

Got a Toshiba 27WLT56B - it worked fine for the first few months, but after I updated the channels, I lost a load of others - namely all ITV and Channel 4 related ones, plus Channel 5....

I've repeatedly run the Auto Update and the Manual Update with no effect - in some cases the Auto Update doesn't do anything at all! I've tried connecting the aerial directly into the back of the TV, but that hasn't helped either - any ideas?

Thanks in advance....



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What signal quality do you have?
Check that the aerial plug is soundly wired and the wires are not overlapping in the plug. If signal quality is good it could be a fault in the tv. Did you have an aerial upgrade for freeview?


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The Signal Strength is showing as Good with all the other channels, and as far as I know all the connections are sound.

The aerial is an 18 element one and is around 9 months old.

We have a stand alone Freeview box connected to the same aerial and that gets all of the Channels with no problems.

I've tried getting some sense out of Comet, but you might as well bang your head off the wall!


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Is your freeview box on a split of the original aerial cable (is it in a different room, or does it pass-through the aerial signal to the Toshiba)?

Try disconnecting the freeview box, whilst searching for channels on the Toshiba.

If the freeview box is in a separate room, try plugging the Toshiba into that aerial plug and seeing if you get a better signal.

Was the freeview box fitted before you got the 27WLT56 or has it been installed since?

Also try late at night, that could help with the signal.

Have a look at your aerial, has it been displaced?

Is your aerial plug "screwed tight" / does the cable move when pulled or twisted?

Is there any line of sight issues with the aerial, such as new buildings or taller trees / foliage?


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Hello eveyone

perhaps someone could help me with a problem I have with my TV, I was just wondering if you have any repair information pertaining to the Toshiba TV 27wlt56b all was working fine I switch the TV of at night and when I turned the TV back on in the morning it was not working, at first I thought it was the fuse or cable I checked them both this was not the problem, then I renewed the two fuses in the TV its self and still it does not switch on, if you could help me/point me in the right direction or if you think you know what the problem maybe I would be grateful for any advice you could offer me, thanks for your time regarding this matter. Dave

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