Problems Watching Cable on Dell 2408WFP


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May 7, 2008
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Hi Guys i received my dell 2408wfp and ive got it all rigged up now. Ive also got my cablebox connected to it also via a scart block and composite cable , however when i try to watch anything the image looks really blocky and stretched out. Its not even close to what it looks like on my standard crt tv.I was thinking of changing the cable from composite to s-video but i know thats not going to make a huge difference so is it because of the native resolution of the monitor being 1920 x 1200. Is everything destined to look stretch out on this thing. Even when i play high def quicktime trailers on my pc i tend to see the same blockyness in the video. Is there something i need to do.

Also anyone whos used a cabrating device to calibrate their monitor can you please post you setting here as im not too sure how to get the colour exactly right.
Does any sort of video work then?

Could you get a photo of it with a camera or is the blockness too subtle?
svhs is better than composite.

I have the Dell 2407wfp and used it with $ky satellite via svhs and the pic. was perfect, so was dvd via component.

Did you set Wide Mode to Fill?

Also you might be seeing the effect of going from a smaller monitor to a 24" where as low quality, low resolution or low bit rate movies can look crap.

I downloaded the Iron Man HD Quicktime trailer and there was no blockyness, just a perfect sharp picture.
Yeah im using fill as the wide mode. The when i watch in PIP mode the image looks fine small. when stretched to full screen its looks blocky and blured, i was talking to the one of the wizz kids in the office and he was saying the same thing that it becuase of the resolution of standard tv which is considerbly smaller than what the native resolution is on the monitor.Im going to get myself a s-vhs cable on the weekend and see if it makes a difference. i dont expect a massive one.. The Quick time trailer could be down to my graphics card cos ive got a ATi Radeon 9550 256mb Graphics card which is not really geared for HD content but ive noticed alot of video apearing blured i think it all down to resolution. I think i have read somewhere that one of the problems with 2408wfp was that it stretched things out too much but il give it a shot anyway and see how it goes. il try and get some pics.. dont really have a camera so il have to mooch around a bit for one.

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