Problems verifying shipment, Advice please


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I bought 2 PS3's, from 2 different sellers, on wednesday night, one for me, and one for my m8.

My one is coming from Canada, and i have all the relevant tracking info (was shipped a few hrs after the auction finished.

Now my problem is with the second PS3, the auction was won BEFORE the canada unit, and i am still not able to track it.

The seller has been vary vague to say the least, in his messages, 1 line answers seem to be the norm, here is a copy of my recent comms.

Message from myself to seller:
Could you forward me the tracking reference number please.

Seller replies with a reference number:
XX xxx xxx xxx XX

My reply to seller:

Could you reconfirm the tracking reference.

If this item was posted as stated, it should be in the system by now, but im getting this message.

Label/Receipt Number: XX xxx xxx xxx XX

There is no record of this item.

Why Are You Receiving This Message?

1. Event information may not be available if your item was mailed recently. Please try again later.

2. The number was entered incorrectly. Be sure to enter all of the letters and numbers as they appear on your mailing label or receipt.

Is this the correct tracking page?

If not could you link me directly to the tracking page.

He then replies with this:
XX xxx xxx xxx XX they said it would be there in 10-14 days

I still cannot get any tracking info, and im beginning to think ive been scammed.

I emailed him again last night asking him to provide a valid proof of posting, to which i have had no reply.

The item was paid through PayPal with my CC, so my card should cover me in the event of any problems.

If i don't get a live tracking by tomorrow, im gonna notify my CC to demand a charge back.

Am i being unreasonable?

Or would you give him more time, advice please?


EDIT: I should add, this is now the 4th day from supposed posting.


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Cancel it, get your money back. Don't give any hesitation to back out from ebay deals if there is a hint of suspicion.


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I had a simlar problem with my seller who eventually sent it a week after I had paid for it. He never even made contact with me despite numerous emails to him after winning.

What I did was I went through the eBay page of getting the contact details of the seller, and got his phone number. I managed to get hold of his mother and was told that his son was in Uni busy with exams. Eventually he sent the item.

My advise would be get hold of the guy by phone, bear in mind they are around 5+ hours behind if it is from Canada, and time it so that you can catch the guy first thing in the morning, or even do it right now.

Good luck, I know what you are going through.


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Cancel it, get your money back. Don't give any hesitation to back out from ebay deals if there is a hint of suspicion.

Well even if he is trying a scam, Paypal don't let you transfer funds from your account for 7 days, so ive gave him to tomorrow to sort it.

Here was my mail to him.

We are now 4 days after auction end, and there is still NO tracking info for this number.

I really need to be seeing some valid proof of posting , I have another ps3 coming from another seller, bought AFTER your auction, which has already cleared outbound customs.

Please send me valid ACTIVE tracking info.

I think I have been very reasonable under the circumstances, as most international sellers provide the info without being asked to.

Unless I get this info, I will be putting a stop on the payments, both with PayPal and my CC company.


Hopefully be receiving a reply soon.


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I'd want very good proof that the parcel he's sending you isn't an a bag of bricks...


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Does anyone know a contact number for USPS from the UK?

International Package Tracking
Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Eastern Time (7:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. CST)
Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time (8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CST)
Closed Sundays and Holidays

I think you need to dial 001 and then start from 800...


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OK, just got through to USPS, according to this tracking number, this item was delivered to a customer on 16th October 2006.

PayPal here we go.

It's gonna be a long night.


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Thought i better give you guys an update.

All i can say is, what a debacle, all because the seller didn't ship by his described method.

Was supposed to ship USPS airmail parcel post, which is trackable, but he sent it insured airmail, which is NOT trackable at all, unless he pays an extra $1.85 at time of posting, which he didn't.

Now, your probably thinking, what about USPS telling you the package was delivered in October?

Well apparently, the USPS operator misheard me(accent and all that, me being from Glasgow) which is understandable.

Apologised for providing wrong info, and informed me of the above info about the insured post.

One nervous American dude can now use his PayPal account again, although i only cancelled the complaint, with the awaiting outcome of delivery info provided option, so if he should , be at it in anyway, i can always resubmit.

My brain is on fire, and i just found out me other one arrived tonight, and guess what?

Held for customs charges.
Parcel tracking details

Progress of the parcel you've enquired about is displayed below.

Parcel number: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Status: Held

Parcel tracks

Date Time Location Tracking Event

12-12-2006 18:01 International Hub AWAITING CUSTOMS CHARGES
12-12-2006 16:31 International Hub Arrived in destination country
10-12-2006 14:04 MONTREAL Left origin country
07-12-2006 09:40 Delivery Agent - CANADA Collected from customer

Think i will break out the Stella Artois, i need it:D


you can still claim for unreceived item if he sended you by non trackable post. just to revenge on him :D

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